The Supercontianers Team

The Supercontainers team is a multi-institutional group of HPC, system software, and virtualizatin experts with a dedication to improving the usability and efficiency of system software for supercomputing systems.


Andrew Younge - Sandia National Laboratories - Principal Investigator, project lead

Shane Canon - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Co-Principal Investigator, Shifter lead

Reid Priedhorsky - Los Alamos National Laboratory - Co-Principal Investigator, Charliecloud lead

Sameer Shende - University of Oregon - Co-Principal Investigator, E4S lead


Aditi Gaur - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - HPC Systems Engineer, Shifter expert

Laurie Stephey - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Scientific Data Architect, applications expert

Todd Gamblin - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Spack lead and ECP L4

Tim Randles - Los Alamos National Laboratory - Charliecloud co-lead, security expert

Kevin Pedretti - Sandia National Laboratories - ATSE lead, Singularity expert

Luke Peyralans - University of Oregon - E4S developer and applications expert

Todd Munson - Argonne National Laboratory - ECP ST L3